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How’s the #GabFam: A 2022 Characterization of the Alternative Social Media Platform Gab  
Jose Montalvo

Health Promotion on TikTok: The Inclination of Doctors and Medical Students in New York 
Thaddeus Gagaring

Inefficiencies in the Baseball Labour Market: An Analysis of Roster Construction Strategies of the Cleveland Guardians and the Tampa Bay Rays for 2022 MLB Season  
Will Houslander

Investigating the Attitude-Behavior Gap in Adolescent Plastic Consumption 
Carys Doyle

The Effects of Melatonin and Catalase Supplements on the Survival of α-Synuclein-expressing saccharomyces cerevisiae Cells. 
Laura Houghton

Mental Healthcare Provider’s Perceptions on the Effectiveness and Viability of Telepsychiatry in Allegheny County Jail  
Tiffany Habib

The Commerce-Art Dichotomy in Cinema: A Thematic Analysis of Interviews of Filmmakers in the Canadian Film Industry  
Wolf Virgo

Checkmate: A Correlational Analysis of Chess and Executive Functioning Ability in Adolescents  
Hutton Mann Shaw

The New Blues: Determining Significant Factors in Right-Wing Populist Support Among Young Canadians  
Lara Choy

The Resilience of Cambodia’s Music Through Darkness; An Oral History of The Khmer Rouge Regime and Its Adverse Effects on The Legacy of Cambodia’s Golden Era of Music  
Justin Kdep

Searching for Eclipsing Binaries in the GSFC-Eleanor-Lite Database  
Andy Teng

Why Are Young Canadian Men Avoiding the Humanities?  
Arjun Deckha

Empowering Champions: An Explanatory Mixed Methods Study on Ontario Adolescent Female Field Hockey Players’ Adherence to Gender Norms in Athletics  
Darcie Brohman

Empathy in Kentucky High School Students 
Sruthika Shivakumar

Election Theory: Alternative Voting Methods In The Pennsylvania 2022 Senate Election 
Justine Sullivan

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