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Decision-Making and Rationality: Adults and Teenagers in the Prisoner's Dilemma 
Kiana Kazemi

Designing an Algorithm to Detect Depression in Users: A Quantitative Correlational Study 
Taylor Hodan

Coastal Blue Carbon Emissions of Salt Marsh Soil 
Sydney Gray

Follow the Money: Ontario’s Provincial Departmental Funding from 1950-1959 and its Relation to the Polio Epidemic 
Jacob Buchan

Levels of Cognitive Processing in Relation to Reaction Times to External Stimuli 
Bettina Wagner

Non-Indigenous People’s Perceptions of Food Insecurity on Indigenous Reserves 
Jasmine Lau

The Correlation Between Climate and Professional Soccer Player Production in Canada 
Lucas Livingston

Representation of Women in US History Texts and the Perception of Female Politicians 
Ainsley Gill

The Effect of the Combined Use of Garlic Extract and Sodium Salicylate on the Inhibition and Eradication of Staphylococcus epidermidis Biofilms Grown on Titanium
Angel Huang

Generations’ Political Party Identification Shifts Over Time 
Sage Mehta

Analysis of Ivacaftor Drug Approval for Cystic Fibrosis Patients with Gating Mutations 
Samitha Nemirajaiah

Georgians at Risk: Understanding Variations in the 2020 Census Self-Response Rates 
Robert Livingston

Gambling Away Your Future: SISA Traits as Indicators of Susceptibility of Problem Gambling Amongst Adolescents 
Henry Xie

The Classification of EMG Signals using Machine Learning for the Construction of a Silent Speech Interface 
Varun Chandrashekhar

“I Feel Invisible Sometimes”: The Manifestations and Effects of Racism in Social Media Narratives of Toronto All-Girls’ Schools 
Joyce Li

Exploring First and Second Generation Immigrants’ Perceptions of the American Dream 
Tamara Ashkar

Romance is Not dead, It’s Changing: A Grounded Theory Inquiry Investigating the Changing Views of Monogamy Among Canadian Adolescents
Pruedence Hughes

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