Vol. 6, Issue 1

Villarreal, B. (2022). Immigrant parents and academic success. The Young Researcher, 6(1), 20-45. http://www.theyoungresearcher.com/papers/villarreal.pdf

As the United States continues to get more diverse, the percentage of American students who are children or grandchildren of immigrants has increased. A survey was used to discover how the immigrant academic advantage affects both Black and non-Black Latino students in New York State. Second- and third-generation students between the ages of 14 and 18 completed a survey that assessed feelings of cultural identity, perceived and real academic success, and academic motivations. The results confirmed the widely accepted second-generation advantage but found that Latino students may not be at an academic disadvantage as much of the previous research concluded. Black Latino and non-Black Latino students had no significant academic differences, meaning both groups were equally benefited by the academic advantage. This research can lead to new conversations regarding Black Latino students and their academic attitudes, however, as there was a significant correlation between race and academic confidence.

: Children of immigrants, academic advantage, Black Latino

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